Tennis has given us so much — health, friendship, love, strength, and inevitably, the occasional strained muscle.

We’re better because of this sport!

We bring our love of the game to this volunteer work with pride and gratitude.

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Our Board

Lisa Lynch, President

Lisa Lynch is a 4.5 player and has captained both USTA and City League teams. She is a past board member of The Irvington Club, and currently works as an event planner for The First Tee of Greater Portland at The Children's Course. She’s made a career of supporting kids through sport and has seen the difference first hand, that the lessons conveyed through athletics can make.

Barb Farmer, Vice President

Barbara Farmer has been the General Manager of The Irvington Club for the past ten years. She’s a 4.0 player participating in several leagues, having discovered her passion for tennis a bit later in life. A member of the Northern Oregon Facilities Tennis Association, Friends of Grant Athletics, and Affiliate Member of The Nonprofit Association of Oregon, she’s involved in the game far and wide.

Anni Miller, Director

Anni Miller is a USPTA & PTR Master Tennis Professional: Lakeridge High School girls coach for more than 20 years including numerous state & district championships; former director Lake Oswego Tennis Center.

Amina Moreau, Director

Amina Moreau is the co-founder of Stillmotion and Sway Storytelling, two companies that are committed to the meaningful impact of a well crafted message. Her passion is in combining the power of psychology and storytelling, and using that storytelling for good. The opportunity to work with the GPTC is a fantastic combination of that spirit and giving back to the community through her favorite sport. Amina is currently a 5.0 player, working hard every day to break through her limits.

Chris Mulcahy, Director

An adventurer with a penchant for giving back, Chris serves the Portland tennis community here at the GPTC as well as in his role as Recreation Supervisor at the Portland Tennis Center. Committed to bringing the game’s benefits to under-served communities, he works daily to bring new programs and opportunities to the regions of the city that are often left behind.

Monika Kowalewski, Director

Having been ranked top 350 in the WTA, Monika knows tennis. This is her true passion, as she has spent most of her life playing, participating, sharing and advising at various degrees. The friendships that she has fostered due to this sport are just incredible and likely a natural result of her greater goal to give back to this sport that she truly loves. With a professional background in sales, management, and business growth, Monika is a great addition to the GPTC team.

Tim Smither, Director

Teaching pro at Sunset Athletic Club, Tim has been immersed in tennis from the start. From coaching to running tournaments on an ongoing basis, he’s become a staple in the community and a consistent source of knowledge. In addition to tennis-related pursuits, running his own family business has given him the skill of wearing many hats, which makes his multi-faceted strengths a real asset for our team’s impact.

Kira Dennison-Capen, Director

Coming back to tennis after a twenty-four hiatus has been one of the biggest pleasures of Kira’s adult life. She emphatically welcomes the chance to give back to the sport she loves, by contributing as a member of the Greater Portland Tennis Council. Kira’s background as a business owner has provided her with a broad set of skills in marketing, sales, management and analytics. She is excited by the opportunity to work on fundraising, especially with regard to the GPTC’s child-focused initiatives. Raising two little nippers of her own, she is thrilled to introduce other little ones to the physical, social and mental benefits of tennis.